Deep Shit MTB was created in Gånghetser Sweden year 2000

The club was active participating in competitions and cycling trips until 2007 - 2008, after that the business was closed due to lack of interest.

The club is now restarted and we have made a number of weekend trips to different places in Sweden just for enjoy biking, good food and drinks.

You can read about these under the Events tab

Unfortunately, the remaining tabs are in Swedish but

the pictures speak their own language.

"Mounting biking is about adventure and rediscovery of your childhood freedom.

It removes you from the daily grind and puts you in an enviroment with endles possibilities -- wildlife, epic views, a personal epiphany about what really matters, and tasting your own endorphines after a long, hard climb.

The reward is looking back at obstacles, that are now behind you,

and feeling like anything´s possible"

//Gary Klein