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Deep Shit MTB

We are a non-profit MTB-club, our goal is that everyone who has a MTB should be able to participate.

You don´t have to be an expert, it´s enough that you like biking.

Always remember to show respect to other bikers / hikers, don´t forget to take all your rubbish to the nearest rubbish bin.

"Mounting biking is about adventure and rediscovery of

your childhood freedom.

It removes you from the daily grind and puts you in an

enviroment with endles possibilities.

Wildlife, epic views, a personal epiphany about what really matters, and tasting your own endorphines after

a long hard climb.

The reward is looking back at obstacles that are now

behind you, and feeling like anything´s possible"

//Gary Klein

Sugen på en ny cykel, eller behöver du uppgradera,

gör ett besök hos regionens trevligaste cykelbutik Eks i Hulared

Nyheter och info hittar du här

TEL. 0325-430 22